Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Day 23 - 2016 (26th January)

Good morning and what a beautiful morning I am waking up to here in Laguna Beach, CA.

I seem to be waking up the same time every morning, which is usually around 4.30/5am - I think my body has got used to this.  However this is great for me.  By the time I get up and find my bearings, I have some time to sit looking at the beautiful view from my room of the calm ocean and see the sun rise, whilst taking time to reflect, churn and simply be.

This is a wonderful time when the world outside is still calm and it is peaceful enough to have the opportunity to take some time out to be still in the moment.  I love these early mornings here in Laguna.......watching the smooth waves far from the distance, looking at the beautiful greenery of the trees in front of the house and then to the side of the house, seeing the sun rise over the mountains.  Breathtaking!    (Views at 6.45am this morning).

 As I mentioned yesterday (25.01.16), I had an appointment with a Chinese doctor for in relation to my back.  As you can imagine, anyone with pain does not really like that particular area being touched and as for me, my back is a very sensitive area that never likes to be touched so this was going to prove a little challenging.  However my sister and her friend who had been to this doctor highlighted his expertise in this area as well as the benefits so I sucked it up and went for it, nervously.

The doctor checked my pulse, he checked my tongue and then took me into another room to lay down on my back so he could commence with the acupuncture to my back.  He chose certain meridian points in the back and put the needles in gently but as soon he twisted them into place, boy oh boy, this was agony, like my nerves were alive and kicking. I rode through the pain with gritted teeth and after all the needles were in, he put the infrared heat lamp on over my back and left me for about 20 minutes.  On and off throughout this time I could feel my nerves twinge and my muscles pulsating, especially the backs of my legs and was thankful when he came back to take the needles out.

He mentioned that I have poor circulation around the body and gave me some natural pills to assist this and would like to see me a few more times during this trip as he feels I am very stiff and there is some areas in the back and hip area that need more attention.  My first thought, coming out and being greeted by my sister, whilst he was mentioning this was, 'yeh right - I am NOT coming back', however I know that to get better sometimes you need to go through some initial discomfort and pain.  Coming back into the car for the ride home (2 hours back on the 'freeway'), my muscles were very stiff and back uncomfortable however I rode through the pain.

Once we got home, I made lunch and then headed to bed to rest the body and the mind and slept peacefully for 2 hours and woke to spend time with some of my sisters friends who had come to visit.  The evening went by without too much physical discomfort however at the end of the night, I knew I needed to get to bed to stretch out the back and rest.

My sister knows I love working with food and being experimental and sent me a link on Facebook to make this delicious looking bowl of 'sushi' which I decided to give it a go.  It looked great and tasted delicious and in time, I will perfect the look, tastes, flavours and varieties.


Today is going to be a day of relaxation, resting, catching up on emails and business back at home.

Breakfast:  My sister took me out and we went to this cafe called 'W Cafe' about 15 minutes away in Newport and we enjoyed the following meals (pictured below) which was delicious and full of protein and nutrients that the body and mind needs.  

Looking good and loving the LA life because everything is so readily available :).

Oatmeal with berries, banana, almond milk and cinnamon followed by sourdough toast topped with banana and almond butter for me and avocado and kale for my sister.  Both were very tasty.

Well that is it for me for now.  I hope you are enjoying my blog updates thus far and would welcome any feedback you may have about anything I have openly shared with you.  With love and light x

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