Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Day 16 - 2016

Another start to a great day.  Woke up nice and early, feeling refreshed after a great nights sleep.  Just drank some water with my supplements and ready for the day to begin.

I have a couple of back to back meetings today to help progress my business and have some exciting projects coming up.  On the way to one of my meetings, I will be working there which will take me about 50 minutes and then depending on how I feel physically after my meeting, I will walk another 20 minutes into town for my next meeting.  If I have enough strength after the mornings activities, I will walk home or simply catch the busy back.  Watch this space :)

Only a few more days to go before I head out to LA so things might be a little quiet for a few days here and there however I will keep blogging as regularly as possible and sharing some great recipes, my developments, my insights and my news on LA!

Breakfast 8am
This was a juice of carrot, orange and ginger followed up with a slice of GF seeded toast, almond butter and a banana.  Great way to start the morning.

I have a big catering event tomorrow so after my morning meetings I will head back home to start preparing for tomorrow.  Today I will enjoy the left overs of yesterdays aubergine and lentil stew with brown rice with the addition of steamed broccoli for that extra vitamin and nutrient kick.

So until later.........have a wonderful day and I will leave you with todays thought.

Thought for Today

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