Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Day 18 - 2016

Well stating the obvious today is Thursday and my last full working day, packing day and wrapping up day before jetting off to LA tomorrow - yeyyyyy :)

I am so happy to see the other half of my family and get to spend time in the glamour city they call Los Angeles, Hollywood and many other things and brushing shoulders with the stars whilst dining out - however keeping in mind that this time away will also be great as LA is the land of eating healthy, drinking healthy and they cater for veggies and vegans well so I will not only be spoilt but will have the tools to eat fabulously.

I will report back as often as I can, hopefully still daily (once jet lag has escaped me) and if not daily, very regularly!

I had a wonderful day yesterday and met some great people and did my best to provide a great buffet for a private catering client of ours and moving forward, I really feel there is much to do and accomplish so LA will not only be a time for me to spend with my family, and not only to spend some time relaxing in the sun, and not only eating well and healthily but also planning the next stage and the next quarter in the new life of Virtuoso Foods (that is after we get through Brighton VegFest weekend :))

So all this reflection before breakfast, before the day really begins, before the last minute chores commences and until I summarise the days accomplishments later this evening, I will leave you with todays thought.

Thought for Today

If you cannot fly,
then run.
If you cannot run,
then walk.
If you cannot walk,
then crawl.
But whatever you do,
you have to keep moving forward.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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