Monday, 3 October 2016

Monday 3rd October 2016

It's been a few days since I last wrote however I am back again today and what a day!  Glorious sunshine, warm temperatures and lots to do moving forward.

The last few days have been busy simply with networking and meeting some fabulous new people and of course our kitchens have been keeping me busy with lots of new orders which I am extremely thankful and grateful for.

 The morning saw me getting up a little later than normal however getting my brisk walk in before the children start heading for school.  Breakfast consisted of a bowl of fresh fruits (whatever I had, I made a fruit salad from) and I added a little coconut yoghurt on the top for an extra creaminess.  Delicious.

Today is very exciting for me as new plans are being created and working with some wonderful people to help me achieve my plans and put them in place so I can bring you all some wonderful new foods, recipes and services, so keep your eye out on Facebook and our Website for more information.....COMING SOON!

To be honest I haven't really had time to plan my lunch however as I have a fridge full of delicious fresh veggies and salads, I am going to create a wonderful nutritious bowl of salad.  I have been very lucky to enjoy my own homegrown cherry tomatoes and they are so delicious so no doubt my salad will be overflowing with these. I will post pictures later of my lunch, however it may turn out! :)

So lovely people, have a fabulous, as I know I will..........

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