Thursday, 6 October 2016

Thursday 6th October 2016

Hello everyone, another gorgeous day although very windy and a little chilly but the sun is out so life is good.

Today is somewhat a quieter day, which is quite unusual!  Although of course there are always things to do (admin, business planning etc. etc.) I don't have any meetings or orders so decided to head out into Bedford town and have a wonder around as well as needing to do some banking.

As the sun was shining, I took the opportunity to walk into town and headed towards Bedford River via Russell Park, which looked beautiful.  The gardens were well kept and grass cut and made it a pure pleasure to walk through.

Clocked up my 10,000 / day goal.  Happy!

I walked to town, had a wonder around, did what I needed to do and walked back.  However I did struggle on the way back, suffering with problems with my right ankle and right knee over the last few months and haven't really 'had the time' to address this.  However this is getting more serious as I struggle to walk without trainers and struggle going up and down the stairs, as the movement puts pressure on my ankle and at times, my knee gives way which of course can be quite dangerous.  So this is on top of my list to do tomorrow morning, when I need to contact my GP for an appointment.  Of course this is all quite concerning however I need to still keep healthy and keep moving although need to start taking these aches and pains seriously!  So that is a little insight into my health challenges.

Moving on from that, I have just got home and haven't prepared any lunch although I have lots of salad vegetables so will make a nice salad with some avocado.  Last night I boiled up some brown lentils so will also add this to my salad with a delicious lemon and olive oil dressing.

1305hrs:  Just had lunch which took me 10 minutes to prepare and this is what it looked like - very delicious.  I also added some sunflower seed and oats ryvita crackers.  Very wholesome and tasty.

My salad had:  rocket, mix green salad leaves, radishes, carrots, brown lentils, avocado, cucumber, slivers of green grapes, drizzled with lemon and olive oil dressing.  Scrumptious, quick and easy.

So I will leave you with this thought for today, which resonated with me nicely and until soon, have a lovely day x

Your conscience is a good friend.  Listen to it more often.

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