Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Another beautiful morning greets us and it was a quick up and get ready and out to one appointment and of course to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and to promote this beautiful thought for today.....

I managed to go for a lovely walk around another one of Bedford's beautiful parks 'Priory Marina'.  It was full of dog walkers, mums and babies and groups of the older lovely people and the odd runner and walker, like myself.  It was breathtaking and here are some pictures ....

I find it totally therapeutic to walk near water and among the trees, in woodland where the air is fresh, there is peace and quiet, and where you can take a few moments to detach from the hustle and bustle of every day life and 'simply be', letting go of all your thoughts, all your 'to do' lists, all the chores and basically everything, just for those precious few moments.  I walked for about 35 minutes and sat for 10 minutes and it truly recharged me both physically and mentally for the rest of the day.

Try it and let me know how you get on...........

On my return home, I decided to make some Avocado and Cucumber sushi rolls for lunch.

What I wanted to touch base on here is the difference in buying ready made meals versus making home made foods at home.  Anyone who know me well, knows I love avocado sushi rolls.  Not only is it tasty and creamy, it's nutritious and full of the right protein I need.

So I am going to demonstrate with pictures and words how easy it is to make delicious fresh home made Avocado and Cucumber sushi rolls, highlighting the exact ingredients I use, compared to a pre-pack store bought version form a popular high street superstore.


Virtuoso Kitchens ingredients:  

Rice:  Sushi rice, rice vinegar
Filling:  Avocado/cucumber, sesame seeds, vegan mayo (optional) (lemon, sunflower oil, soya milk, himalayan salt, mustard powder, black pepper).
Wrap = Nori seaweed
Dressing:  Braggs soy sauce, sesame seeds

Preparation time:  1/2 hour to boil rice (first thing in the morning) and allow a couple hours to cool.  10 minutes to put all the ingredients together and roll.

Mystery highstreet superstore ingredients (Salmon and cucumber version):

Cooked Sushi Rice, Low Fat Soft Cheese (Milk), Cucumber, Low Salt Soy Sauce Bottle, Nori Seaweed, Black Sesame Seeds, Salt, Sugar, Cooked Sushi Rice contains: Water, White Rice, Rice Vinegar, Sugar, Spirit Vinegar, Salt, Rapeseed Oil, Low Salt Soy Sauce Bottle contains: Water, Soya Bean, Wheat, Salt, Vinegar

Preparation time:  Instant (which sometimes is a plus if you haven't prepared and are in a rush).

This is simply showing how simply we can cook at home, without added sugars/salts, however if we do add sugar and salt, we control the type and the quantity!

Anyway just some food for thought.  Preparation is key when you want to eat healthily and when you want to and need to control what you eat.

So if you fancy making this wonderful dish which can be made as a main, side, snack - then here is the recipe and instructions.

Step 1:
1 cup of sushi rice
2.5 cups of cold water
1 tbsp rice vinegar
Instruction:  Rinse the rice a few times until water runs clear before adding the final water to boil
Tip:  Use Basmati rice if you are gluten free

Step 2:  Boil rice in water with the vinegar on a medium heat for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes as the sushi rice tends to be sticky.

At the start
After 15 minutes
30 minutes - ready!

All the ingredients you need

Step 3:  Prepare all your ingredients.  I have used avocado and cucumber.  Lay your seaweed on a mat and spread your mayo (optional) on one side of the sheet and lay about 3 tbsp of rice on the other side of the sheet and top with your filling and sprinkle with Sesame seeds.

Step 4:  Roll tightly away from you and using a sharp knife, slice the roll to the thickness you like.


Ready to enjoy with a glass of Beetroot juice (celery, beetroot, cucumber & ginger)

So basically it's that simple!  It tastes great and you feel light after eating and you have some left over for a snack later on.

Ok so now time to sign off and get on with some business planning........until soon, have a wonderful afternoon x

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