Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday 11th October 2016 - Today's World

Another beautiful morning after a great nights sleep :)

The sun is shining and when I look out the window it makes me want to jump out of bed and make the most of the day, not wanting to waste a single second.  So that is exactly what I did.  Showered, had breakfast (gluten free crumpet with some home made raspberry jam).

Lots of cleaning going on at the house (with the help of Kristina) as my lovely mum is coming back tomorrow after being away in the States (Boston) for a month visiting my sister, so as you can imagine, everything needs to be spick and span and I can't wait to see her and have her back :)

I headed out to Sainsbury's in Bedford (Clapham) with the aim of doing some shopping, buying all my mums usual 'eats' and on the hunt of Sainsbury's new vegan branded cheese (renamed Gary)!

Needless to say, when I got there, I hunted high and low and couldn't find the cheese so had to ask an assistant who informed me that it was at the end of an aisle with all the 'free from' range.

However, there really wasn't much to choose from and the one cheese I was looking for, the Wensleydale style Cranberry variety, I got the last one.  These are obviously very popular and Sainsbury should stock up to meet the demands of their customers.  However I was pleasantly surprised that they had a whole aisle dedicated to 'Free From' and 'Vegan' and even had a few varieties of raw sweet bars, balls and treats.  I even found some Booja Booja chocolate yet I couldn't bare to depart with £7 for a very small box of these delicious treats :(  I did however buy gelatine free gum sweets for my nephews as a treat.  A big thumbs up to Sainsbury's as its competitors have still to catch up and match up!

So moving on from trivial matters, I also got to watch the news briefly first thing this morning and was deeply saddened by what is going on in the world, from the American Presidential goings ons, to the Cholera epidemic to continuous war and bombing and so much more.......I don't often watch the news, because of the negative impact it has on me by seeing what is happening around the globe however I like to keep up to date from time to time.

The thing for me is that I live in the Western world where the majority of us live well in so much as, we may not have loads of money in our savings accounts (for those of us who do have savings accounts) yet we have a home where we can sleep in a warm home, in a clean warm bed, safely at night, we have food to eat, water to drink (not forgetting our luxurious take aways fancy coffees: lattes, cappuccinos, frappes etc. etc. etc.), we can pretty much move around freely when we want, go where we want, engage in wonderful activities if we so wish to (networking, clubs, groups, gyms etc.) and then you turn the tv on and boom.......we are hit with poverty and hunger and killings, racism, terrorism, and so much more that I can't even begin to touch on.

I am a strong believer that we are all put on this earth to play our own individual roles, set in our own part of the world and we need to live it the best we can and play our part the best we can.  However, and this is a big HOWEVER........we surely must take some sort of responsibility for what is happening in other parts of the world.  Question is How?  Question is Why is this all happening in the first place?  Where does Karma come into play?

My business is involved in food, the making of it and the selling of it.........in addition to it being niche in providing vegetarian, vegan and gluten free foods we also offer the healthier alternatives of raw foods, no added sugar foods etc.  however how can I make what I do benefit others in a world where it is truly needed, where they don't have access to the basics of which we take for granted (food, water, cleanliness, homes, security, tv, phones, clothes, shoes, schools etc. etc. the list is endless).

I do what I do because I have a passion for it.  I have a built a business from what I love to do.  However moving further on from my business and my passion for what I have created, I feel there has to be something I can offer, give to others in some way, shape or form.  I don't have all the answers, I don't know what I can do with a clear vision, however I know I must create a path, an outreach program of some sort, to connect to the lives of those truly in need, in whatever shape or form it may be.

I was sitting down the other day with friends for dinner and we all had our mobile phones out on the table.  At regular periods throughout the evening we all, at some point, kept looking at our phones, showing each other pictures, talking about the latest apps, celebrity gossip, the weather, latest music, fashion etc and making sure we hadn't missed any calls, texts, latest updates. ALL FROM THE PHONE!  It was like a) we couldn't survive without the phone b) we couldn't keep away from it, our hands constantly needing to touch it to make sure it was still there c) attachment to the phone and everything it stood for.

At one point during our meal we all stopped and started taking pictures of our food, ALL OF US, and then we look at each other (there was 5 of us) and we burst out laughing, at the simple ridiculousness of what we were all doing....................Have we lost the plot?  Have we lost site of the reality of life or has this become the reality of todays modern world?

Have you ever been in this position?  I think this is now 'normal' common behaviour and so accepted that we don't know any other way.

This is my life, here in Bedford, in the UK.  I am sure this is similar to the lives of others all over the world.....but I know it isn't the lives of those living in third world countries, poverty stricken with lack of food and water, in war torn countries where everything is lost, including family members and BAM, my heart is heavy.....not that I don't feel I deserve the life I have, I DO!  I have worked hard to be where I am here today, however I know I can do more, I know I need to take a little more responsibility (however small), I know that we can all do more, I know the whole world can do more but the big question is WHAT?  WHEN? HOW?

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this topic, how you feel about what is going on in the world today, and if you have any ideas as to what we can truly do from where we are, from this part of our world to help others in other parts of the world, in a world that so needs help, assistance, money and time.  Coming together as a collective surely will make more of impact and be easier to reach out to those in need!  I don't know, I really don't know but I know there has to be a way.

Perhaps all we can do from where we are is send our good and pure wishes, send lots of love, sit in meditation and send positive energies and vibes to the world in need.  Is that all we can do??


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