Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunday 9th October 2016 - My Body is a Temple

It's been a couple of days since I have last written as I have both been busy during the days with cake baking and raw cake/energy balls making but also had some time to detach, rest & relax.

This weekend I had the opportunity to have a movie marathon at MK Xscape where I watched 3 movies over the space of the weekend.

I watched:

-  Girl on the Train (very good and very much a thriller and although I had read the book about a year ago in a matter of 2 days, I forget the ending of the film and was shocked!)
-  Deep Water Rising (also very good and engaging especially when you get to know it is based on a true story and you get to see what the decisions of big multi-billion companies make have on people who really are courageous in the jobs they carry out - well worth seeing)
-  Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (it was entertaining just to see it, but not out of choice).

It's good to have an 'Unlimited Card' and for once, in a long time, I got to make good use of the monthly fee I pay towards having it!

Anyway, moving on from that, it feels like a weekend of 'Lots and Nothings' happening.

I did lots of walking early this morning and managed to clock up nearly 12,000 steps however my phone has run out of space so I couldn't record it or take any pix (another task to do later)!  However both Bedford River and the areas surrounding it looked magical, sun shimmering on the water and melting away the morning frost and chill.

When I walk, I like to take in the scenery, the air, the silence (in most parts) and this time away from everything gives me a chance to think.  Today, as I was walking and moving, fast at times and then slower at other times, when the ankle would start to play up, I got to thinking about 'the body' and how it works.  With this in mind, I came to the conclusion that the body is a wonderful machine and how supportive it is of everything that we do and put it through, whether walking, exercising, eating, drinking, etc. etc.

This got me thinking about the food and drink we eat and how the body handles what we feed it!

And just like coincidence has it, after my walk, I came across this poster on one of my Facebook feeds and I thought to myself 'Wow, truly wow', how the Universe is in sync with my thoughts and thinking energy levels!

Have u ever sat down and thought how your body works? Starting with the stomach one of the most important parts of our body.... What we actually put into our bodies and how we expect our stomach to break this food down, digest and release! 

Our body is an amazing tool and it keeps us going therefore we need to make sure we treat it well, treat it gently, think about what we put in it and how our organs can in fact deal with what we put in it, from foods (meat, processed foods, non-chewed foods) to drinks (anything carbonated especially).

I just sat down and took a moment to really think about what I eat and how much I eat and how my insides, all the organs in turn, deals with what I feed it.   It is quite shocking especially when you a) overeat b) feed it processed and undigestible foods (meats which are so hard to break down) and so much more.... Just take a moment to think about it (our body is a personal journey and we will relate to it in different ways so I am just sharing with you my thoughts on my body)!

Next time when you eat.... Think about what your eating, how much you are eating and how your stomach (and other organs) reacts (try keeping a food diary and see this in action, what you eat and how, if any, the body reacts).  This is a great experiment for those who feel they have allergies and intolerances to certain types of food.

When you see so much positive thoughts and affirmations about treating your body well, your body is your temple, fuel your body well etc. if you take a moment to truly see your body as this piece of magic magnificence, you will think twice about mis-treating it.

With all this in mind, I have come to truly appreciate my body and what it does to protect me, making me realise that I need to treat it better in all aspects, taking care of it better with healthy 'exfoliate' and nourishing treatments, eating better, ensuring I have the right balance of nutrients that the body needs,  feeding it the right supplements if I am not getting it through food and drink, considering all the organs, the skin and also the mind and moving more so that the body and its organs are activated, supple and mobile.

When you think of the body and all that it is, all that it has and all that it does, and you have that awareness, you really don't want to abuse it....well I certainly not, not after coming to terms with how it exists and works!  Definitely food for thought.

These thoughts were also spurred on by my love and indulgence of popcorn, which I enjoyed whilst watching my movie marathon and then having my body reacting not too favourably!!!!!  We all have something that the body totally rejects and with me, popcorn is just the start! :)

Do any of you have any thoughts on this subject of 'The Body'?  Please feel free to share your comments, your thoughts, your views on the bodies, your food loves and hates and perhaps what you do to nourish the body..........and the mind!

In line with this, I have also been thinking about the effects of food on our moods and mind and will share more on this subject and my own personal realisations, tomorrow.

So until wishes from me x

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