Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tuesday 4th October 2016

Woke up to another glorious morning filled with sunshine, although a little chillier today.

The morning started with a little lie in as I had quite a restless nights sleep, what with some noise at around 3am (voices, chatting, music from a  car) all happening literally outside my window!  Finally having fallen asleep at around 5.45am, I woke up again around 8am, quite heavy headed and not as fresh as I would have liked.

A quick breakfast of my delicious home-made granola and coconut yoghurt.  Making your own granola is so quick and easy and delicious because you can tailor it to include only the fruits, nuts and seeds that you like (instead of buying store bought ones where you have to keep picking out what you don't like)!

The morning started with a conference call at 9am to discuss some new business ideas, which all went wonderfully, stirring up some great new ideas and vision.

The rest of the morning was spent being creative.

At around 12pm I decided to have lunch (left over last nights veggie bolognese).

Whilst lunch was warming, I started to make tonights dinner of Spinach and Tofu Quiche/Tart (Vegan) as I have a couple friends popping by (don't want to be wasting any precious time).  I will serve this with a big bowl of a green mix leaf salad.

It was nice to get a friend popping in unexpectedly just before lunch and getting the chance to have a good catch up.  As we are both business minded and work on the basis of everything comes to you if you have a positive mind and a grateful heart, we shared a lot of laughs, and a couple of happy tears, knowing that the future truly has lots in store for us, all of us, if we just focus, set goals, and making plans, step by step, to reach our goals.  It is also always nice to have someone close to you that you can bounce and share ideas with and laugh at all the comical new ideas that you come up with simply because it is something you like, not something that makes sense, but having that person tell you is great (saves a lot of time moving forward)!  So that was a lovely interlude to todays activities.

This afternoon has been an afternoon of drinking a couple cups of green tea (for energy and stimulant) whilst working on creating some 'cost prices' for a couple of new products.  Anyone who knows me knows I love numbers and figures however I am NOT an accountant and when you have to sit down and focus of the 'costs' of everything that goes into creating ONE product, the mind starts to boggle so the green tea helps keep me focused as does my perseverance and some good music in the background to keep me going :) (Rihanna feat Calvin Harris 'This is what you came for').

Ok well that about wraps it up for today on my goings ons.  I am keen to hear back from anyone with any insights, feedback, suggestions (on anything), sharings (your own experiences) so please drop me a line on the blog or Facebook.  Keep in touch and until soon, be happy :)

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