Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wednesday 19th October 2016 - Stay Healthy

Another gorgeous morning kick started with 40 minutes brisk walk around the neighbourhood....... the streets quiet, everyone still tucked away in their warm beds, the silence giving me a sense of calm and peace.

When I walk, I listen to an inspirational talk to get the morning started off in a positive live, giving me inspiration for the day ahead before the fast funky music kicks in to enable me to walk to the right speed........wonderful way to begin the day!

This morning has been full of admin work ordering new boxes and equipment for cakes and our new raw energy bites as well as some light book keeping and of course preparing for lunch later as I have a busy morning out of the house shopping and running errands.

Lunch:  Tortilla wraps with a delicious mushroom and mixed pepper sauce, topped with coconut cream and lots of salad.  I will share recipe and pictures with you later.

One thing I did want to share with you is that, over the past month, I have been working with a good friend of mine, not only talking about healthy and nutritious foods and drinks, but also enjoying them and seeing what the effects are on our bodies and minds.  My friend is following a gluten free diet and although has chicken from time to time, on the whole, enjoys a vegetarian diet and often comes to me for recipes and ideas.  This is where Virtuoso Food 4 Thought comes into play, in being able to provide good balanced meal plans and recipe cards for those needing a boost in ideas and a boost in their diet plans.

So over the past month I have shared with her some delicious vegetarian and vegan meal plans, filled with lots of natural plant based proteins as well as sharing delicious and nutritious recipes for fresh juices and smoothies to ensure the body gets the right vitamins and minerals.  From her feedback last Friday, she has felt a significant increase in energy levels as well as concentration and a general feeling of 'well-being'.  She walks a lot and has seen herself pushing her self more and longer on her walks and speeding up even though the body is some what challenging at times.

However, on Monday, unfortunately, on one of her walks, whilst out walking her dog, she fell quite badly and the result were both arms and wrists sprained, some injury to the face and teeth and a split lip which has now nicely swollen into a 'fat lip'.  After speaking with her this morning on FaceTime, she did tell me, through all the strained laughing, that although it looks like she has taken a bad fall and the looks are much worse than how she feels, she feels 'healthy'.  I asked what she meant.  She informed me that her body doesn't feel quite as bad as perhaps it would/could of if her diet regime wasn't so good and healthy and full of the right nutrients had she not been eating so well before hand. As I mentioned, she is quite accident prone, and through many literal 'ups and downs' over the past 6-9 months, this last incident hasn't been quite so bad physically or mentally on her.

To summarise, I know that regardless of what health challenges we face, if we eat and drink right, ensuring the body gets what its needs in terms of healthy nutrition, good carbs, good fats, good protein, good sugars, all as part of a balanced diet, then the body is kind to us when it is challenged with falls, sprains, aches and pains, and even some dis-eases the body goes through.

Does that make sense?

I am so happy to be a positive instrument in someone else's life, least my own and my my mums and other family and friends, where I can see that my passion for good food and good drink helps not only myself but others.  All we need sometimes is a guiding light to lead us on the right paths and of course to share wonderful delicious nutritious recipes where sometimes we struggle to see through the darkness...........

Have a lovely day, until soon, with love, health and light xxx

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