Monday, 1 February 2016

Day 28 & 29, 2016

Well what can I say about today, Sunday 31st January.

The last day of January brought to Laguna Beach (and most of Los Angeles/West Coast) very turbulent weather, severe winds, very heavy rain which resulted in us losing electricity for most of the day as well as telephone/internet connections being down.  The windows shook loudly, the furniture on the patio moved, all the covers being thrown around everywhere and branches and leaves surrounded us.

However, despite all of this, I woke early (because of the loudness outside), showered, changed, meditated, took a few minutes to myself before setting to work in the kitchen.  

Today my nephew and his friends are coming over for lunch and I have a feast planned for them.  Basically the menu consists of 70% raw and the rest cooked.

The Menu

Starter:  Tempura made with rice flour and loads of delicious veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, red pepper, shiitake mushrooms) served with a miso chilli dressing.


Main:  Rice rolls filled with rice noodles, carrots, tofu & basil served soy sauce.  Raw noodles (courgettes and red cabbage with a raw cashew pesto) with quinoa mango salad. 

Dessert:  Apple crumble alternative style served with banana ice-cream.

All the dishes above are gluten free, vegan and very tasty.  

I find that to cook from scratch, using fresh ingredients really does make a difference, both in taste and also in how we feel afterwards, because we know exactly what we have put in our food.

So the lunch went well and was was enjoyed by all so happy days!

After lunch we decided to venture out and watch a film at the movies and all decided upon 'The Revenant' with Leonard de Caprio.  It was a little gruesome but a great film and well worth watching.  All in all, it was a good day.

Monday 1st February

Wow doesn't time fly.  I woke up this morning and things seem to have calmed down a lot. The sun is shining however the wind is still bussling away although not as fierce as it was yesterday.  Today is going to be a day for relaxing and catching up with all my emails and planning of work activities which is great as since I have got to the US it has been non stop and I really feel it is good to take a step back and recharge.

Having said this we all need to eat right?  So the key to successful eating is planning.  So having got up early again (my body clock seems to be stuck on waking me around 5.30/6am).  I guess it is good thought right.  Anyway I digress - I woke early and started to prepare lunch for today so that whilst I get lost in the 'technical world' everyone can be fed well when the time calls.

I have decided on making a veggie soup to start.  As it is cold outside, soup is strongly called for.

Veggie Soup

1 cup of mixed chopped carrots (here we have got purple, orange and pale yellow).
1/2 cup of chopped green pepper
1 chopped red skin potato
1/2 cup of chopped coriander
3 tbsp of tomato puree (optional)
2 tbsp of white organic basmati rice (pre-washed)
1/2 cup of rice pasta

In a saucepan, put 8 cups of water and add the rice.
Let the water boil and rice cook for about 15 minutes.
Then add all the vegetables except the coriander.
Let the whole mixture boil for about 20 minutes then turn heat down and simmer for 30 minutes.
Make sure that the veggies are tender before serving.
Add the coriander and then simmer for another 5 minutes.

For our main luncheon, I have prepared a brown rice, kale and shiitake mushroom dish with a side of mixed coloured carrots.  

Nutritious, healthy, gluten free & vegan.  What more can anyone ask for. 

Health wise, I am feeling fine.  I wouldn't say 100% but about 75%.  After a long day yesterday, my back felt somewhat challenged and still a little achy now but tolerable and I have a little head pressure and I think because of this, my eyes feel extra sensitive today.  So I am regularly compressing my eyes and drinking lots of water to wash out any toxins.  I also had all my morning supplements as well as a deliciously strong shot of Aloe Vera.  So all in all, I know what to do and am doing it and along with some rest, I will be recover.

So my dear friends, until soon and another day, have a wonderful day/evening x


  1. I was there when you made all these yummy dishes. They were satisfying, filling, beautiful and healthy. No after eating syndrome or drama. Mere satisfaction. Thank you Guilda for making them and sharing them with all to stay healthy and happy through great good.

    1. Thank you Liza for your comment and feedback. I am glad you are enjoying the meals and hopefully you will be able to follow the recipes that you love easily in the future. x