Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wednesday 28th September 2016 ~ Future Business Planning

The sun is shining, the temperature is pleasant, I'm warm and fed, what's there not to be happy about?

Setting your intention for the day and getting into the right positive mindset certainly helps to get you through the day in the right mood, feeling energised, powerful, excited, motivated to get on and do whatever you want to do.  Days like this make you know that anything can be achieved and to never give up.

For me, the morning started early to get some food/cake orders out and now catching up on some admin, emails and future planning.

So much is going on (which I will share with you the exciting news in due course so keep tuned in) however in order to make things happens, behind the scenes, a lot of planning needs to take place as well as research, connecting to the right people (after finding them or luckily at times them simply showing up where you don't expect them!) and simply ensuring that all areas are covered.

Being a very organised person and in a previous life having had many years of being a Project Manager, I love having the skills to work on all the activities that need to take place behind the scene and it's nice to know to utilise your key skills and seek help from other professionals for the skills that you don't perhaps have!  This week I have been lucky to find a few of those people who can benefit the growth of my future business plans and I can't wait to get things going.

Today, however, I am meeting with friends and heading to Milton Keynes for a spot of Ikea shopping and then lunch before heading back to cook and bake and work on my exciting business plans some more.

This morning, I enjoyed a delicious porridge with fresh bananas and blueberries.

Don't know what lunch will bring and dinner will see me enjoy the rest of my pasta bake that I made from yesterday with some salad......see planning ahead has its benefits right?

Yesterday evening I also made some of my delicious Raw Energy Balls in 2 flavours:  Coffee and Walnut and Chocolate and Orange........delicious and I will be taking them with me to enjoy with friends on our journey today.

Sometimes I like to leave you with a thought.......I have a lovely calendar which has inspirational thoughts for today for each day and I loved todays thought.  This got me thinking in so much as how true the saying is and we all need to watch the company we keep and the conversations we get wrapped up.  I know sometimes 'gossiping' can be fun but be aware the direction it goes on and when it starts heading in the direction of another person...............definitely 'FOOD FOR THOUGHT'........

"When you agree with people who gossip, you will be the next one they slander"!

So on that note, have a lovely day and until soon 'be good and be healthy'! :)

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